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Child Abuse Prevention Month Proclamations

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Child Abuse Prevention Month Proclamations

Whereas we are living in a time when disclosures of sexual abuse and harassment are becoming mainstream, child sexual abuse still lives in secrecy and shame. In Kansas, reports of abuse have increased by 64.97% over the last 20 years which indicates people are recognizing the signs.

and Whereas, children have a right to be safe and to be provided an opportunity to thrive, learn and grow;

and Whereas, child abuse and neglect can be prevented by supporting and strengthening Kansas’ families, thus preventing the far-reaching effects of maltreatment, providing the opportunity for children to develop healthy, trusting family bonds; and consequently, building the foundations of communities;

and Whereas, by providing safe, stable and nurturing relationships for our children, free of violence, abuse and neglect, we can ensure that Kansas’ children will grow to their full potential as the next generation of leaders, helping to secure the future of this state and nation;

and Whereas, there were 898 cases of child abuse and neglect investigated by the Department of Children and Families in Saline County alone last year;

and Whereas, Child Advocacy and Parenting Services, Inc. provides both prevention and intervention programs designed to reduce risk factors associated with child abuse and neglect while focusing on educating parents and empowering children.

and Whereas, in 2020, the global pandemic brought unique challenges removing children from the regular interaction of safe, caring adults with increased isolation and in many cases, increased stress by changing roles and unemployment. CAPS remained operational for the entire year and conducted forensic interviews for 127 child victims of abuse or neglect and/or witnesses to a violent crime. Those victims also received professional advocacy, a medical exam and care by trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner on the Sexual Assault Response Team, referral to trauma focused mental health services and follow-up supports.  These services are delivered through a multi-disciplinary collaboration between City of Salina and Saline County law enforcement, CAPS, Salina Regional Health Center, Department of Children and Families Child Protective Custody, Saline County Attorney’s Office, Central Kansas Mental Health Center and private therapists.

and Whereas, Child Advocacy and Parenting Services, Inc. began as a child abuse prevention coalition in 1978, the agency has a vision of a place where every child is safe, healthy and strong.  CAPS hopes to SHINE a light on abuse to create awareness and increase support through the following public events:

  • GO Blue Salina – Businesses encouraging employees to wear blue jeans and/or royal blue can collect funds for CAPS and spread awareness by taking photos of employees showing their blue support! Each participant will get a sticker to wear showing they believe every child should be safe and loved.
  • PINWHEEL PARADE – Families are spreading awareness with pinwheel coloring pages displayed in their windows for all to see as they enjoy the beauty of spring.
  • PINWHEELS FOR PREVENTION CHALLENGE – A roaming pinwheel garden that is spread via donations from individuals who wish to send the garden to others to show they believe in creating spaces where every child is safe, healthy and strong.

Therefore, I, Mayor Melissa Hodges, City of Salina, Saline County, Kansas, do hereby proclaim April 2021 as Child Abuse Prevention month and encourage our citizens to lift up a child’s voice.


Signed by Mayor Melissa Hodges on 4/19/2021

Signed by Saline County Commissioners 4/20/21


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