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A United Way Community Partner
155 N. Oakdale Ave.
Suite 200
Salina, KS 67401
Telephone: (785) 825-4493
Fax: (785) 825-4736
Child Advocacy & Parenting Services
Improving the quality of children's lives
and strengthening families through education, advocacy, and family support.
Classroom instruction for elementary
and middle school students to reduce
peer abuse. Conflict resolution and
empathy-building exercises
strengthen students who are either
targets or witnesses of bullying.
A "good touch/bad touch" program
for all Saline County children ages
four to eight years. Students learn
makes them feel mad, sad, or scared.
Collaborating with Partners in Early
Childhood Education, this quality
improvement initiative works to
ensure that all Saline County
children enter school ready-to-learn.
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All CAPS services are free of charge. CAPS receives program funding from the Salina Area United Way, local service organizations, churches,
memberships, foundations, corporate grants and the annual Celebrity Benefit Auction. Local donations providing solutions to local problems!
Bullying Prevention
Use positive discipline.
Learn to be firm, but fair.

Create a set of rules.
Set rules and consequences that
are appropriate for your child's age.
Be clear about what is expected -
and what is not OK.

Don't hit.
Physical discipline teaches fear, not
respect. If you feel angry, take time to
cool off. Then deal with the

Praise good behavior.
Let your child know you appreciate it
when he or she is well-behaved.

Offer a choice.
This encourages cooperation. For
example, at bedtime ask if he or she
would like you to read a story on the
couch or after being  tucked in.