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A United Way Community Partner
155 N. Oakdale Ave.
Suite 200
Salina, KS 67401
Telephone: (785) 825-4493
Fax: (785) 825-4736
Child Advocacy & Parenting Services
Improving the quality of children's lives
and strengthening families through education, advocacy, and family support.
Family Mentoring & Support for English &
Spanish-Speaking Families
Comprehensive, professional support for overburdened
families. Services include social work case management,
weekly in-home visitation, crisis counseling, one-on-one
parent training, parent/child relationship assistance and
emotional support.
Parenting Education
Child development and positive discipline instruction which
helps parents develop skills needed to effectively raise their
children. Evening and daytime classes are offered throughout
the year on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Free child
for children 8 weeks to 12 years is available.

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Quality respite child care is
available for low income parents
needing time away from the
stresses of parenting.

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Respite Child Care
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All CAPS services are free of charge. CAPS receives program funding from the Salina Area United Way, local service organizations, churches,
memberships, foundations, corporate grants and the annual Celebrity Benefit Auction. Local donations providing solutions to local problems!
  • Appreciate what makes your
    child unique.

  • You can't spoil your baby with
    love and attention.

  • Listen carefully to what your
    child thinks and feels.

  • Share your child's feelings.

  • Talk, sing, and play together.

  • Read to your child everyday.

  • Limit TV and video time.

  • Encourage curiosity by
    following your child's interests.

  • Children find comfort in

  • Set consistent limits for
    toddlers and older children.