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Salina, KS 67401
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A United Way Community Partner
Child Advocacy & Parenting Services
Improving the quality of children's lives
and strengthening families through education, advocacy, and family support.
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All CAPS services are free of charge. CAPS receives program funding from the Salina Area United Way, local service organizations, churches,
memberships, foundations, corporate grants and the annual Celebrity Benefit Auction. Local donations providing solutions to local problems!
Chris's Place - Child Advocacy Center
Opened in February of 2006 - Chris's Place is a child advocacy center where
serious physically and sexually abused children in the NE Kansas region are
interviewed by specially trained investigators.
CAPS manages the center and
provides 24-hour advocacy and
support. Victims are provided with
compassionate, non-judgmental
services by individuals who have the
knowledge, experience and advanced
education key to assisting victims.

Action Plan for Positive
Parent-Child Communication:

1.) Choose words that your child
can understand.

2.) Be a good listener.

3.) Be direct, honest, and open.

4.) Be sensitive to the emotional
impact of the messages you send
your child. Think before you speak.

5.) Make time each day to have a
conversation about anything you or
your child like to discuss.

6.) Use questions in conversations
with your child to show your interest
and to generate an open response
Help Victims
Become Survivors